Our S.I.I. Dry Kilns have five hundred thousand (500,000) BF (4/4) capacity. Precise sticking and proper loading combined with careful monitoring of kilns results in properly dried lumber. This lumber is re-inspected after kiln drying to ensure that the customer receives the optimum yield
Because we operate three on-site inspection stations, our lumber graders inspect all incoming and outgoing hardwood shipments. Our inspection lines are set up for width and length sorts, enabling us to respond quickly to special orders from our customers.

Our warehouse in North Tonawanda, New York, carries a large inventory of kiln dried Northern and Allegheny hardwoods.

Call for price & availability.

Domestic Inventory:


Ash-White 4-12/4
Basswood 4-12/4
Birch-Unselect 4-8/4
Birch-Sap 4-8/4
Birch-Red 4-8/4
Cherry 4-16/4

Hickory 4-8/4
Hard Maple-#1 & #2 White 4-16/4
Soft Maple-#1 & #2 White 4-16/4
Poplar 4-12/4
Red Oak-Northern 4-8/4
White Oak-Northern 4-8/4
Walnut 12/4